Make Your Home Feel Like New In 2019

Suzie Wilson

Suzie Wilson

New Year’s resolutions are often tied to personal goals or improvements. One surefire way to find greater contentment in 2019 is to give your home a refresh. Not only is revamping your living space a good idea from an aesthetic standpoint, but it can also be beneficial for your mental health and boosting your home’s value. 

Start With Easy Refreshes

If making home improvements seems overwhelming, start by making some small tweaks that can have a big impact. 

  • Remove clutter: There are studies that prove a cluttered home can lead to depression and sleep disorders. Donate unwanted items to charity, and you’ll have two reasons to feel good about cleaning up. 
  • Get out the paintbrush: Refinishing old furniture and refreshing walls with a fresh coat of paint is a cost-effective yet impactful update. Choose colors that enhance your mood and open up the space. Don’t dismiss outdoor areas such as the front door, foundation, or shutters, if applicable.
  • Add plants: Along with creating a cozy and relaxing environment and reducing noise if strategically placed, adding greenery to your home has copious health benefits. Studies have found that plants can reduce stress, sharpen your focus and speed up the recovery time of certain health conditions.
  • Rework your layout: Rearranging your furniture and wall decor can quickly give a room a refreshed feeling without costing you a penny. 

Incorporate Inexpensive DIY Projects

One of the greatest benefits of a DIY project is that it saves you money. There are limitless options such as wallpapering one wall to add dramatic flair flair, turning a closet into a small home office, a mini bathroom makeover, upsizing your windows by repositioning the drapes, adding vintage hardware, artfully decorating bookshelves and much more. 

Hire A Pro

When refreshes turn into remodels, it’s time to call in the help of a professional. Whether you’re planning a large renovation or have a few small projects on the list, it’s important to do your research to find a reputable, quality contractor. Referrals go a long way because you can request photos of the finished product, but be sure to ask the right questions before hiring: How long has your firm been in business and where is it located? Are you licensed to work in my area? What is your company insured for? 

Best Projects To Invest In

Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the near future or you’re not sure yet, there are certain projects that have a greater impact in terms of increasing the value of your property. Some of the top investments include a kitchen and/or bath remodel, basement and/or attic renovation (to make these spaces livable) and energy-efficient windows. Keep in mind that certain updates come with larger price tags. For example, depending on how much of a kitchen transformation you want, the average price to remodel is $10,366 – $28,500, and it will take five to six weeks. 

Whether you’re investing time, money or a combination thereof, making home improvements is always a good idea. Don’t stress yourself if you can’t get everything done in the next 12 months. Prioritize and start creating a goal list for next year — it will keep you motivated to get things done.


Guest article by Suzie Wilson | Happier Home | Check Out Her Website

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