Matterport For Short Term & Vacations Rentals

BOOK ONLINE Airbnb and Vrbo are two of the most popular options for booking short-term and vacation stays. Both companies with millions of guests and hosts have become the leading marketplace for vacation rentals. If you are an Airbnb or Vrbo host, then highlighting all the special features and amenities in a property is essential […]

Why Are Floor Plans Important For Real Estate Buyers?

BOOK ONLINE When it comes to searching for a home, many buyers are focused on the photos and the details of the property. But one of the most essential elements in the home buying process that often goes overlooked is the floor plan. Floor plans are essential for understanding the layout of a home and […]

Interview with the President of WCR San Antonio

BOOK ONLINE At Sharp Frame Media, we love connecting with Realtors and those serving the real estate community. We feel proud of all the women making a difference in the world. Women taking on leadership roles are women worth learning from. In this blog, we’d like to introduce you to an outstanding woman – Adriana […]

Elevate Your Brand in 2023 With Real Estate Photography

BOOK ONLINE Having a strong brand is essential for any business. It can help you stand out from the competition and create a unique identity for your company. But creating a brand is just the first step. You must also maintain and elevate your brand to ensure it remains strong and relevant; especially in the […]

Transforming Real Estate Photos with Virtual Staging

BOOK ONLINE In today’s digital world, real estate agents are increasingly turning to virtual staging to transform their real estate photos. Virtual staging is the process of digitally adding furniture and other elements to a photograph of an empty, or partially furnished, room. The process of virtual staging can have a dramatic impact on the […]