4 Ways Professional Photos Will Sell Your Home

Guadalupe Garza

Guadalupe Garza

Guadalupe a professional architectural photographed based in Dallas, TX and is the founder and co-owner of The Property Snappers and Twin Shoot LLC. She has extensive exepriece working with a wide range of clients from architects to high end designers.

We all know that when it comes to buying and selling real estate professional photos can really make a listing stand out. But did you know they can do much more than that for you? Like helping you sell your property faster and for more? Just in case you ever wondered if you were getting your return on your invest, check out four ways in which professional images of your listings are making things happen for you.
1. Grab The Buyers Attention
Did you know that professional photography increases the amount of people looking at a home by 61%? Plus photographs increase the click rate by 118% on your listing. 
2. Listings With Professional Photographs Sell 32% Faster
Also, homes with professional photographs spend about 89 days on the market, but other houses spend on average 123 days on the market. While we know that other factors affect how long a home sits on the market, we also know that professional images can help sell it faster.
3. Listings With Professional Photography Sell At Higher Prices
Did you also know that homes with high-quality photos can on average receive 47% higher asking price per square foot? Professional photography can help sell your listing 39% closer to the original listing price. Which means professional photography helps puts more money back into your pocket. 
4. Professional Photography Makes The House Look It’s Best
It’s no doubt that the best way to show off a house is for it to look visual attractive. Often times photos taken with a cell phone or by an amateur can result in images that will leave a potential buyer unimpressed and wondering what the home really looks like. A professional photographer knows what angles will best show off the listing and the home’s unique features.
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