Residential Services

high-quality media at an affordable price


To make our services some of the best in the DWF area, each of our residential photography packages includes a free landing page so that real estate professionals and homeowners can effectively showcase listings through the high-quality photos and videos that we take. All packages also include Blue Skies and Next-Day Delivery (with the exception of Saturday shoots). See some samples of our work in the Photo Gallery or on Facebook or Instagram.

Sharp Frame Media has the capacity and the passion to deliver the best, high-quality photography packages at an affordable rate for our customers wanting to highlight their listings. All Residential photo packages include a free property landing page and guaranteed Blue Skies. 

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography guarantees that potential buyers and renters in Dallas Fort Worth don’t miss any of your property’s greatest selling points like beautiful landscaping, swimming pools, great neighborhoods, or other eye-pleasing amenities and features that add to your property value.  

Twilight Photography

Golden-hour photos are a great way to show your listing in its best light. Attract buyers and renters alike by showcasing your real estate property with stunning twilight photos. Exterior twilight photos are taken just after sunset for optimal beauty and quality, making your property glow.

add-on services

Amp up your photos with Aerial or Twilight Photography, Virtual Dusk, Virtual Staging, or Green Grass.

Cinematic Videography

Cinematic Videography boosts your real estate marketing by showcasing your listings, talents, and personality and as well as the key elements of your properties.

Cinematic Property Tours

Get more views on your listing or visits to your property, and sell your home faster with our cinematic-style property tour videos. 

Realtor Branding Videos

Creating a successful career in real estate requires developing a brand to set yourself apart. Branding videos help you do just that. 

3D Tours

Real Estate 3D Tours help our customers gain the interest of potential buyers and renters. You can send links of homes to interested buyers and renters or host them on your website for easy access from thousands of eyes in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Buyers can view the entire home from the comfort of their own home, or you can show a property without even leaving your office.

Matterport 3D Tours*

Matterport 3D virtual tours help you create better experiences, happier customers, and more revenue. You can embed your 3D tour on your property or company website for the ultimate all-in-one site! 

Zillow 3D Tours

Let potential buyers and renters see how your property flows and get familiar with key features with Zillow 3D Tours. You can easily embed the Zillow Tour on your website for easy viewing and sharing.

*Note: Interactive Floorplans are included with Matterport 3D Tours, but they can be purchased as a standalone service as well. Give us a call to learn more!

Floor Plans


Stand-Alone Floor Plans


In Conjunction with Matterport


Virtual Staging

Our virtual staging catalog offers a variety of staging options to fit any style of home, office, or business listing from modern to traditional. Our custom virtual staging service will bring your properties in the DFW area to life.