Additional Photo Services​

enhance your property listing’s appearance

These additional services are a great way to realistically enhance your property listing’s appearance at minimal cost to you! Showcase your Dallas Fort Worth listing and all of its potential any time of the year with Aerial Photography, Twilight Photography, Virtual Dusk, Green Grass, and more.

Aerial Photography of DFW

Consider adding aerial photography so that potential buyers and business customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area don’t miss any of your property’s greatest selling points. Aerial images are ideal for estates, businesses, and properties with beautiful landscaping, swimming pools, great neighborhoods, or other eye-pleasing amenities and features that add to the value of your property.  

Priced at $99 as an Add-On to any package.

Twilight Photography

Golden-hour photos are a great way to show your listing in its best light. Attract buyers and/or customers by showcasing your property or business with stunning twilight photos. Exterior twilight photos are taken just after sunset for optimal beauty and quality and make your property glow.

Priced at $99 as an Add-On to any package

Virtual Dusk

When time does not allow for actual twilight photography, our team will turn daytime photos into breathtaking twilight landscapes using virtual editing methods to really make your property stand out from the rest. Our customers can trust that our virtual dusks are just as breathtaking and effective as real-time twilight photos. 

Priced at $25 per image.

Green Grass

During the winter months or even in the middle of a hot, dry summer, dead grass can dramatically detract from the beauty of a home. Sharp Frame Media’s green grass effect makes your property stand out with an adjustment or replacement of shabby brown grass with a beautiful lush natural carpet. 

Priced at $25 per property.