Frequently Asked Questions​

Most frequent questions and answers about your real estate experience​

General Questions

Can I schedule a booking over the weekend for the following Monday?

Yes, you may schedule a booking up to 12 hours in advance online anytime or by giving us a call or text at (214) 425-1651 during our office hours. 

What are the hours the office is open? Is that different from hours you can schedule appointments?

Our office hours are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday-Friday and from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturdays. The last appointment of the day during the week is 4:30 PM. The latest appointments are our twilight shoots that are separate from our regular appointment hours. Our online booking allows you to select a time during our photographer’s available times.

What if I need more photographs to be taken?

You can book another appointment if we have already photographed your listing. If you decide on more photographs before your appointment you can upgrade your package by contacting us.

What if I am late?

We will wait for you for 15 min before our photographer will move onto their next appointment. 

What is the turnaround time on photos and videos?

We offer Next-Day delivery on all real estate photography orders. The turnaround for real estate videos is 2 days. The exception is for shoots taken on Saturdays, which will have a Monday delivery.

What is the turnaround time for virtual staging?

Typically, we can complete virtual staging orders within 2 days of your photoshoot. The day after your shoot, we will review your processed images with you and make virtual staging selections, then photos are uploaded to your listing’s gallery and website the following day.

Will the quality of my photos be the same if I use different photographers?

At Sharp Frame Media, one of our main priorities is to continuously deliver consistent results for our customers. We achieve this with our unique Sharp Frame Media Photographer Certification program that all photographers must pass, a team of editors that focus exclusively on the post-production of all photos, and a Quality Control Manager who reviews all media before it’s delivered to our customers.

What if I am dissatisfied?

Our number one priority at Sharp Frame Media is customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our services, please give us a call so that we can make it right. 

What are your earliest appointment times for photography or videography sessions?

The earliest time we have available for photography and video shoots is 8:30 am throughout the week.

How much does it cost to shoot photos and videos for rental properties?

The packages and pricing is based on how many photographs are taken of one listing. Whether the property is for sale or for rent does not factor into or affect the price of your package. If your property is considered commercial, we offer custom packages with special pricing. Please contact us for the pricing on your commercial package. 

What if there is bad weather?

You can reschedule prior to your appointment and before the photographer arrives. If you are not able to reschedule prior to your appointment, you can cancel but there will be a fee.

When do I pay for Sharp Frame Media services?

An invoice is sent after your appointment. Payment is due prior to any media delivery the following day. A delay in payment results in the delay of your delivery.

What is Twilight Photography?

Twilight photography takes place just as the sun starts to set when there is a light blue sky with a yellow glow inside the house. There is an upcharge for these specialty photographs.

Can I always book with the same photographer?

We will always do our very best to accommodate requests for a particular photographer. However, in certain circumstances that may be difficult due to availability and location of shoot. All of our photographers serve primarily their geographic areas listed on our booking ordering system online.

What makes Sharp Frame Media different from other real estate photography companies?

Unlike most real estate media companies, Sharp Frame Media was founded by a published architectural photographer that has worked with international architecture and design firms. She is passionate about bridging the gap between quality and price and elevating the work of real estate photographers. Sharp Frame Media delivers the same services that national companies do, but with greater attention to detail, quality, and personable service. 

Real Estate

What is the cost to hire a real estate or property photographer?

Our real estate photography packages start at $129 for 15 photos. All packages include FREE blue-sky enhancement for overcast days and listing website.

Can you upload to MLS?

Unfortunately, third-party vendors such as Sharp Frame Media are not allowed to upload photos to MLS.

Do you have SUPRA access?

Yes. Most of our photographers are now equipped with SUPRA access. We know real estate agents are busy professionals so we want to make it as easy as possible for them to get their property photographed.

How important are photos in real estate marketing?

On average, listings with professional photos sell faster and for more. According to the National Association of Realtors, for homes in the $200K-$1 million range, those that include high-quality photography in their listings sell for $3,000-$11,000 more.

What kind of equipment does a real estate photographer use?

All of our photographers and videographers use full-frame cameras and wide-angle lenses for the highest quality results.

What if I am listing with multiple agents?

The prices are based on how many photographs are taken of one listing, not how the photos are used.

Do I have to be present during the photo shoot?

No. We can access the home or property with SUPRA or key in lockbox. Or, you can meet us there to unlock but you do not have to stay for the shoot. We do recommend that you walk the property beforehand to make sure that it is ready.


How do I stage my house for listing photos?

Visit our Home Prep Guide for our top 15 tips on preparing your home to sell.

What time of year is best to take photos of my home?

Spring and Summer are best for capturing exterior photos. If you need to list your home or property in the Winter, we offer Grass Replacement as an Add-On to our photography packages for only $25 more.

What if I have work going on at the home?

We would prefer any work being done to the home to be done before we are scheduled. This will lead to better photos of your listing. However, we will work around the home project being worked on to the best of our ability if it is unavoidable. Keep in mind that construction going on could be captured in the shot.

Do high-quality property photos help sell my home faster?

Yes. On average, homes sell 32% faster with high-quality photos.

What do I do with my pets during the shoot?

Pets need to be either in a kennel, in the backyard, or on a leash. We do not shoot homes with loose pets that show any sort of aggressive or intrusive behavior. Please make sure they are secured.


How do I find a professional photographer to promote my business?

At Sharp Frame Media, we have a talented team equipped with the necessary skills and gear to capture captivating photos and videos of your business. For booking and pricing inquiries, please email us at info@sharpframemedia.com.

Who do I hire to have a TV commercial made?

Back in the day, you had to hire a large production company to produce a TV commercial video. However, with advances in technology, most videographers these days are equipped with 4k and even 5k cameras that produce TV-quality results. Our videographers also possess the skills and creativity to capture captivating videos that are sure to give your business and brand the attention it needs.

How much does it cost to hire a photographer for my business or construction project?

Most commercial photography projects start at $500, and video projects start at $1,200. Prices include an extensive commercial-use license of the assets that we deliver.

Are there business marketing photographers in DFW?

These types of photographers normally fall under the genre of “commercial photography.” Commercial photography is a genre that encompasses any photos used for business or editorial purposes. Examples of commercial photography include food, product, fashion, portraits, professional headshots, architecture, and more.