10 Tips to Make Your Next Move Easier

Robin Chambers

Robin Chambers

Robin is a professional real estate photographer with The Property Snappers. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Dallas.

Moving is always the most overwhelming part of selling a home and moving to a new one. I have worked as a real estate photographer here in Dallas for a while now, and the home owners always dread moving. All of my moves made me dread the next one, even if I found my ideal new home. Your new home is a dream, but moving can be a bit of a nightmare, so I thought I’d share 10 real estate tips that I’ve learned from experience to make moving into your new home easier.

1. Change Your Address

Change all the addresses you can online, and register with the USPS. Changing the addresses a few weeks before, or as soon as you close on your new home, will allow you to receive the last bit of mail from anyone who are delayed in receiving the change of address.

2. Explore Your New Neighborhood Before You Move

We all have last-minute needs that have to be met, and not knowing where the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, urgent care etc.  is stressful. Plus for the first few nights in your new home you are going to be eating out a lot, so knowing the best food places will be helpful. You can also scout out any places you will be frequenting often, such as schools, and find the best route from and to your new home.

3. Pack The Unnecessary First, and Load It On The Truck First

Naturally you want the important stuff packed and make sure it makes it with you to our new home. Yet packing the unnecessary first allows you to start packing sooner. You load it in the back of the truck so you can get the necessary items first and get them unloaded into their rooms first.

4. Use A System To Pack

You need labels to tell your moving boxes apart but color coding with duct tape can tell you which room each box belongs, or you could use symbols. This will help make unpacking quicker.

5. If You Run Out Of Bubble Wrap, There Are Substitutes

Everyone has glass that needs to be protected, and everyone has run out of bubble wrap. You can use blankets, pillows,clothes, stuffed animals and other soft items for padding in boxes. When using newspaper, understand that the ink bleeds from time to time.

6. Pack An Overnight Bag

The first night in your new home is most likely the same day you finished moving out of your old home. By packing an overnight bag, you leave yourself the night to rest instead of unpacking the nighttime and morning essentials.

7. Small Plastic Bags Are Your Best Friend

You can place any essential screws and other small items in a small plastic bag. You can also pack snacks for the day inside of them. Plus you can put all the batteries for your electronics in one bag.

8. Have A Sitter Or Other Plans Made For Moving Day

Animals and small children can get in the way on accident on moving day. You can hire a sitter or  allow children to spend the day with one of their friends or with a close family member. Some pets can be contained in the backyard for parts of the move.

9. Defrost Your Fridge Before The Move

If you are taking the fridge with you, you may want to defrost your fridge a day or so before you move. It something small that is easy to forget to do.

10. Leave Furniture For Staging

When you are selling your home, you might need to leave some furniture behind after you leave. Traditionally homes have the living room, kitchen, dining, and master bedroom staged. We highly recommend this if photos of your home will be taken after you move. You will want to contact your realtor about what should be left behind and where.

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