Selling a Home When You Have Pets

Robin Chambers

Robin Chambers

Robin is a professional real estate photographer with The Property Snappers.

For most of us our pets are family. Yet when it comes to listing a home for sale, some home buyers may not be so fond of our pets for various reasons. We all know that even the sweetest of dogs may react more aggressive to strangers visiting our homes. More so, potential home buyers or real estate agents could be allergic or afraid of animals. Over the last couple of months I’ve photographed many homes with pets so I wanted to share some tips for homeowners who are getting ready to list their home. 

Have a Relative or Friend Watch Your Pet

Having a family member or friend watch your pet during your photo shoot and showings could help. Personally my dog loves to my grandma. You could also bring them with you if you leave the home. A great idea is to take any dogs you have for a walk or to the park! A crate is another option, but they can be a slight distraction if they make noise. In such case, is important to take safety precautions if your pet will be staying home during the photo shoot and/or showings. 

Your Pet Does Not Smell Like Roses

Pets do smell. That is a fact and not a likable one. Your realtor most likely will recommend you clean the home before any showings, which also helps with any fur that is shed. Changing the litter box and similar items more frequently will help. You may also consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner. One of our clients loves to brings candles to her showings!

Get Rid of Any Evidence of Your Pet

As a photographer, I always recommend homeowners pick up all pet toys, leashes, beds and bowls. You may also want to repair any pet damage done to the home, such as scratches or stains. If your pet has damaged furniture, you may want to hide the pieces that are damaged. These will be noticeable in the photos. Oh, and don’t forget the backyard. If your pet leaves anything in the backyard, you want to get rid of or hide those items. Some items maybe toys, bones, and poop – yeah this one is particularly helpful to your photographer! Picking up after your pet in the backyard will make the backyard look better and will definitely make a difference in your photos.

Communicate With Your Agent

Do you have a dog that lives outside? Tell the agent in advance so they don’t accidentaly let them in. Are you going to be out of town for a week and leaving your pet at home with a crate to put them in? Tell your agent. The more your agent knows about your pet’s needs the easier it will be to keep them safe and prevent any incidents as in most cases they will be only ones communicating with other real estate agents and home buyers. 

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