Infographic: Is Hiring A Professional for Listing Photos Worth The Investment?

Guadalupe Garza

Guadalupe Garza

Real Estate Photography Advice: Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just entering the real estate industry, measuring the results of your marketing efforts can be a challenge. Even more so when the market begins to slow down. Shifts in the market often lead professionals to reconsider their marketing ROI and spending. 

Not long ago opting out of professional photos on a listing was manageable, not so much today. Mainly for two main reason. One, home sellers know that a good real estate agent will always incorporate professional photos as part of their marketing regardless of the home price. Second, hiring a good professional photographer results in a faster sale and greater sales price. 

Check out the infographic below created by Asset Based Lending to see the many ways in which hiring a professional photographer for your next listing is worth the investment.

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