Taking Average to Shining Star

Jaime Garza

Jaime Garza

There are times when you have little time to get a home a listed and need it to shine when you do. A few weeks ago, we came across one of these for one of our clients. She needed the home photographed on a cloudy day (due to a time constraint). The grass was still brown due to the winter dormancy and it was vacant, so the main living areas looked bland. But not to worry because nowadays a lot of those issues can be addressed in the photo editing process by virtual staging. 

Blue Sky

The first thing we did to make the outside stand out more was to replace the gray sky with a beautiful blue sky. We like to use a sky with some clouds in it to make it feel more realistic. We also include blue skies on all our shoots if there are gray skies. 

Green Grass

Homes with great curb appeal stand out more and get more attention from potential home buyers. Thus, when you sell a home during the fall and winter it’s hard to make that curb appeal come across with brown grass. Fortunately, we were able to replace the grass here with a realistic green yard. Take a look at the before and after to see how much a difference it makes. 



Virtual Staging 

Lastly, this home was vacant when we shot it. While that makes it easy for us to shoot it makes it hard for a potential home buyer to visualize their furniture or themselves in the home. While you could hire a home stager to stage these rooms that is pricey and requires people to come in and out. The best solution is to have the rooms virtually staged. This is the process of placing furniture in the rooms during the photo editing process. It may sound easy but it takes skill to properly scale, position and blend the furniture into a photo. But when done right it looks very natural and really brings a room to life. Now a potential buyer can really see what is possible with a room 

Overall, there is multiple things that you can do to make a home stand out from every other listing out there. Give us a call to help you on your next listing. 


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