How Can Videos Help My Real Estate Visibility?

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When selling a property, there are many methods sellers can employ to make a particular property stand out against the competition. One of those methods is including a cinematic-style video to your real estate listing. Digital videos have become a key component in marketing strategies in real estate due to the success it has garnered. Real estate listings with video get four times more inquiries than those without video. Secondly, according to NAR, 73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list their home with a realtor offering video. Yet only 10% of real estate agents create listing videos. The NAR also states that embedding videos on your website “drives 157% more organic search results”.  Having more organic search results can significantly boost your SEO (search engine optimization) and web conversions. Incorporating video into your marketing campaigns can lead to 34% higher conversion rates. 

While digital videos have an undeniable benefit, it is essential to consider if they fit your overall marketing strategy and budget. Believe it or not, this is the most critical question to ask yourself. For instance, if your only goal is improving your brand and website SEO, then perhaps branding/about us and community videos might be right for you. If your goal is to get more leads; then video walkthroughs are your better option.  

A common question we get is: “What if it’s not in my budget to do video walkthroughs for every listing?” The answer to that question is it depends on your market and the homebuyers in your market. Understanding your clientele will better help you decide whether or not you and your properties will significantly benefit from utilizing digital videos. 

So, if you decide to use digital videos in your marketing strategy, how do you ensure you are getting your money’s worth? Well, at At Sharp Frame Media, we specialize in cinematic property videos. We don’t like to call our videos “walkthroughs” because our videos offer viewers a tour of the house while highlighting details that make a home special, all in cinematic style. Our clients can also do an introduction and/or narration along with graphics at no additional cost. Our #1 goal with our videos is to grab viewers’ attention for the entire video, which is why we limit most of our videos to a maximum of 2 minutes in duration.  

Since each property is unique, we always do a walkthrough with the agent to understand how they want to showcase the listing. Then it’s time to film. Because we film homes often, we’re also pretty efficient at it. Most property videos take 1-2 hours to film. 

Suppose you do decide to use digital video. In that case, Sharp Frame Media promises the very best quality and style of video that gives your listings a significant advantage over others in the market. We hope this helps give a better idea of why realtors may want to use digital video and whether or not it best fits your strategy. 

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