How 3D Virtual Tours are Changing the Real Estate Market 

Byline: Faith Chua 
3D Virtual Tours

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Real estate 3D Virtual Tours 

From the comfort of their own home, interested buyers can view properties easily. More and more sellers have been employing Matterport and Zillow 3D Virtual Tours to enhance buyers’ experience and increase their listing’s reach. Many sellers and real estate professionals have been hiring real estate photography companies, like Sharp Frame Media, to professionally shoot their properties for these virtual 3D tours. Want to learn how you and your listings can benefit from Virtual Tours? Keep reading to find out! 


More time and energy efficient 

Since you do not have to make the journey out to multiple properties, you can view multiple listings in a day! Going at your own pace, you can fit in as many Virtual Tours as possible since you do not have to schedule a viewing. Gone are the days of having to clear out your schedule, make the trek to the listing, and make it to the viewing on time. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can view properties from anywhere and at any time. 


Agents can send them out to interested clients simultaneously 

Often agents correspond with the busy schedules of both the seller and the buyers. With the ease of Virtual Tours, agents can now send out a virtual 3D tour of a listing to all of their interested clients with a few clicks of a button. 


A more realistic representation of the property 

While many potential buyers may not buy a home based on the virtual tour alone, giving clients access to a 3d tour of the listing allows them to take a closer look at the property. Doing so increases the likelihood of getting more serious interest in the property rather than casual viewings that do not lead to an offer being made. 



No face-to-face discussion with an agent 

One benefit of in-person showings is that the agent can answer any potential questions about the property. Answers are immediate, and there is less room for communication, while virtual 3D tours require some waiting time before the agent can respond to any questions since schedules are not in-line. 


Infrastructure cannot be evaluated 

While Virtual Tours allow for a closer and more accurate look at the property, it still does not have the level of detail one would get with an in-person visit. Aspects like the fridge’s sound, is the air conditioning working correctly, and more. 


Cannot evaluate the neighborhood 

Since the virtual tour is only the property itself; buyers can only catch glimpses of the surrounding area. Is the house next to yours abandoned? Do you have a loud neighbor who likes to mow the lawn at 8 pm? These are things that a virtual 3d tour cannot predict or answer. 


Zillow and Matterport

These are two  of the top companies that provide sellers virtual tour services, including 3D tours through Zillow 3D Home and Matterport 3D. While similar in services offered, there are a few differences to note with each company. Zillow’s 3D Home app, while it’s the most cost-effective option, lacks a third dimension as it only combines 360-degree panoramas to create the tour. Matterport, on the other hand, is fully 3-dimensional and closer to an in-person walkthrough, with added functions like dollhouse view, video highlight reel and measuring tool. Some realtors like to use Zillow, while others like to use Matterport. Some even use both companies to maximize their options truly! The decision is more based on needs and the desired outcome. 


During these last two years, 3D Virtual Tours have proved beyond useful. It is now a valuable tool that benefits both the buyer and the seller. Fast and efficient, these tours allow for a broader reach in the real estate market. Whether you decide to use Zillow, Matterport, or both, Sharp Frames Media can help elevate any potential buyer’s experience with our outstanding photography and videography team. You can visit our Facebook or Instagram to see some of our work. You can also call us at: (214) 425-1651 or fill out the form on our website.