Keep It Green: How To Transport Plants When Moving Houses

Keep It Green: How To Transport Plants When Moving Houses

Whether you’re getting ready to move within the Dallas or San Antonio regions, creating a safe and secure home environment is usually at the top of one’s list when moving into a new space. For some, a happy environment can mean colorful walls or minimal furniture, but for others, a secure home atmosphere starts with plants. 

Adding shades of green to one’s personal space takes great patience and care. So, the thought of having to leave your plants behind when moving is no easy task. Thankfully, it’s fully possible to transport plants to your new home. However, it does take a bit of planning. 

Moving your plants largely depends on the size of your plants and the distance of your new home. Small house plants require simple moving instructions compared to larger or outdoor plants that tend to need a little bit of extra attention when moving.

Traveling short distances with small plants is a pretty simple process. You can pick them up and travel with a small plant on your lap. Or, if you have multiple plants, pack them neatly in a cardboard box, stuff newspaper between any empty spaces, and tuck them in an available car seat. 

Taller plants that don’t fit on your lap, may be placed on the floor of the car —just make sure they are safely secure and won’t tip over. As a safety measure, place sphagnum moss in each pot, then wrap each pot with plastic. This will allow you to place the plant on its side and prevent dirt from ruining your car. 

If you’re traveling long distances, like Dallas to San Antonio for example, this is where it can get a bit tricky. Making the trip to your new house that’s located far away can make traveling with your plant a lengthy process, but not impossible. If your trip requires overnight stops, treat your plants as if they were your pets: keep them under controlled temperature, keep water handy throughout the trip, and if you must leave them in your car for over an hour, leave the car windows slightly open to allow airflow. 

Once you arrive in your new Dallas or San Antonio home, it’s time to unpack your plants and check for any damages or diseases that may have occurred during the move. Similar to people, plants also react to change and stress, which can result in disease and pests in your plants. 

Next, you’re going to want to set your plants up in your new home. Wherever you choose to place your plants, it’s essential to place them in a similar setting to that of their previous home. Scope out your new home and check if the temperature and humidity levels coincide with that of your old home. 

Finally, make sure your plants are getting the same amount of light they were getting previously. Let your plants settle in their new environment and avoid moving them around until they are able to adjust to their new home. 

Just like you, your plants will adjust to their new environment in no time. 

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