6 Ways To Repurpose Photos For Real Estate Agents

It is known that hiring a professional photographer for your listings has a significant impact on new potential clients and helps generate more leads. A worthy investment that sometimes Realtors do not take full advantage of. In this blog we’re going to share the many ways images can be repurposed after a listing has sold. Keep in mind that every photography company owns the copyright to the photos and we encourage you to dive into their licensing terms before repurposing any professional photo. 

At Sharp Frame Media, our licensing terms allow real estate agents to use the images for their general marketing purposes, even after a property has sold. Hence, if you are already using professional photos for your listings, here are 6 ways to repurpose and take full advantage of them. And with a little more creativity, you can extend their usage even more. 

Tip # 1: Website

Choose the best images to represent you as a real estate professional and place them on your website. Attract potential and current clients to your website by highlighting your latest listings in a professional manner. Updating photos on your website frequently is important for SEO.

Tip #2: Social Media: Use Hashtags

Share your professional photos on social media to announce new listings and reshare old ones. Capture your audience with jaw-dropping images and create social engagement with hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. For instance, in the summer you can share your favorite backyard and pool photos, even if the photos are a couple of years old. Give people ideas on ways to rearrange, decorate or remodel their homes with these photos. 

Tip #3: Holiday Photos

Pull together images of houses that got sold during the holidays and repurpose them by sharing them on the same holidays years later. You don’t need to wait to get in those new pictures to start talking about the holidays. Prepare ahead and plan to post about upcoming holidays using the professional photos you already have. 

Tip #4: Portfolio for clients

Build a portfolio to showcase your best photos from different listings and allow your clients to see your previous work. Providing this portfolio will allow your clients to see how well you present you work, and therefore, yourself. There is nothing more comforting than knowing your Realtor will take good care of you just the way he/she has done for others in the past. Showing your clients you invest in professional photos for them definitely makes you stand out and look professional. 

Tip #5: Blogs

If you don’t already have a blog, it might be time to start one. The SEO benefits are worth it. You should definitely use your professional photos and show them off on your blog. You have them already, so might as well use them to help you market yourself in all ways possible. For instance, you could write a blog about preparing a home to sell and use photos that were perfectly staged. Blogs are also the perfect place to write unique stories that showcase the love you put into your work. 

Tip #6: Emails

Many realtors use email newsletters to stay top of mind with their clients and prospects. If you are one of them, we encourage you to use your professional images in your emails. Also, many Realtors prefer to appear in the photos as well. At Sharp Frame Media we offer Lifestyle Photos as part of our add-on services which allows Realtors to market themselves even better. 

So if you’re not repurposing old professional photos yet, we encourage you to. We recommend adopting a system for classifying photos by theme as you receive them so they’re easy to find later. 

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