Commercial real estate photography: Multi-Family Properties

Commercial Photography and Videography

A quick look into multi-family properties the real estate photography behind it

Sharp Frame Media got its start doing real estate photography and videography for residential properties for sale. While we still take on plenty of clients for residential properties, we have been fortunate enough to be able to expand into the commercial property sector. From businesses, construction/development companies, custom home builders, and multi-family properties. So, if you’re someone who is looking for a real estate photographer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we got you covered!

At Sharp Frame Media, we are a company that uses our knowledge and expertise to best cater our services to the client’s needs and preferences. We understand that each property is different and requires a different perspective going into the photoshoot. 

Things to highlight with multi-family properties?

A unique aspect of multi-family properties is that many of them have additional amenities for the residents. If a property has a big backyard, a great pool area, a gym, or a meeting room, all these areas should be highlighted. Since these amenities are exclusive to residents and provide added convenience and privacy while establishing a warm and welcoming community. Eye-catching features such as these often attract clients, so the photography and videography behind the marketing are extremely important.

While the amenities are definite selling points, the interior and exterior of each unit should not be neglected. It is critical to remember that the units are what will become a home to many people over the next few years, so it must look warm and inviting.

Should you invest in multi-family properties? 

Multifamily properties play an important role in the real estate industry. The multifamily housing is viewed as the most affordable option for people who are looking to buy or rent, and it is also viewed as an investment opportunity. 

Some advantages to investing in a multi-family property if the increased cash flow. As much of these properties are in high demand, you can expect to have a high occupancy rate. 

First-time investors can benefit from the affordable acquisition cost, making the multifamily investment cost-effective and risk-free. 

Managing a multi-family property is also much easier, as you oversee all of your units under one roof compared to other rental untis that are located throughout your area. 

Lastly, investing in such a property can allow you to save on taxes. Owning multi-family properties comes with tax incentives that will depend on the type of property classification. 

Sharp Frame Media has the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide photos and videos that show the best of your property. We have photos to prove it! Visit our website www.sharpframemedia.com to view our photo gallery!

Not only do we provide photography and videography services, but we also offer clients Matterport. Matterport helps maximize client reach by allowing clients while they get to view listings from the comforts of their home. 

To learn more about Matterport and other additional services we offer, call (214) 425-1651 today!

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